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Hair Removal Products – Some Natural Options

It is not always cheap to remove unwanted hair these days. It is quite confusing to have so many innovations on hair and skin treatments these days. However, there are some folks who still stick to basic good grooming. As a cost-effective option for getting rid of unwanted hair, you may use natural hair removal products instead.

Natural hair removal products are not the known products that you can purchase from stores. These products are typically home-made concoctions from different regions and they were used by women folk to remove unwanted facial and body hair. Many ingredients that these women use are either found in the market or somewhere in their backyard or vegetable garden.

There are manufacturers that are also producing natural-based products for hair removal and they can be based on these home-made products. They use lemon juice, honey, sugar syrup, chamomile tea, cotton threads and other natural ingredients.

Sugary gels are easy to concoct natural hair removal products that you can make at home. Sugaring is an old way of removing unwanted hair, and it has gained a following since then. The ingredients used are sugar, lemon juice, molasses and honey. You just need to combine all the ingredients and let them simmer for up to 3 minute until you get a smooth consistency.

After the sugar mixture has cooled, you can start by applying cornstarch on your skin followed by the sugar mixture. Leave it for a few minutes and then peel off in the opposite direction of your hair growth.

Threading uses 100% cotton threads and it is another natural hair removal method. Expert threaders use a technique to properly twirl the thread over the skin’s surface in order to remove the hair. You can use this method in removing hair from your chin, upper lips and eyebrows. This is very useful for those who have sensitive skin.

Home-made bleach is another hair removal product which does not cost too much. Bleaching the area with unwanted hair growth is simple and safe due to the natural ingredients that you can use. The main bleaching ingredients are chamomile tea, honey and lemon juice. There are natural hair removal products out there that contain a wide variety rare herbs, plant extracts, and exotic plant enzymes. The solutions from these natural ingredients alter the structure of the hair follicles – from thick coarse hair to softer baby-like hair. And it also saturates the base of the hair follicle and permanently stops hair growth.

If you are not sure of today’s modern hair removal methods, you can try these natural hair removal products as alternative options. They are 100% natural, safe and organic

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