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Electrolysis Hair Removal – What You Should Know

Electrolysis hair removal is also considered as one of the permanent hair removal methods. The process can also be painful since it uses electric shock in destroying the hair follicles prior to removing the unwanted hair. But the pain is really subjective since there have been people who didn’t experience severe pain during the procedure.

There are still many people who choose electrolysis hair removal over laser treatment, despite the reports about pain. One of its advantages is that it is a much better procedure for people with dark skin, and for people with grey or blond hair.

Electrolysis was first used in 1875 by Dr. Charles E. Michael, an ophthalmologist, on a patient with ingrown eyelash. Since then, the procedure has been modified so it can be used on unwanted hair on other parts of the body.

Electrolysis hair removal involves using an epilator needle which is used to direct electro-chemical currents and/or short-wave radio frequencies into one hair follicle at a time. This process is done one hair follicle at a time, and according to the thickness, depth and direction of growth. The electric current attacks the dermal papilla which then destroys the hair follicle. A specialized probe is used to pierce the follicle and the hair is pulled out using forceps.

The Food and Drug Administration and American Medical Association recognize electrolysis hair removal as the only permanent method for hair removal. It usually has minimal to no side effects. Pain is usually subjective, as mentioned earlier. There are reported incidences of pain during electrolysis procedure, but it is typically a tingling pain without blood loss whatsoever. And it can be prevented with topical anesthesia.

Electrolysis hair removal needs several sessions to complete the process since it only targets growing hair. If you wish to undergo this procedure, you may need to prepare for 15 to 30 sessions. The price for a 30-minute session is approximately $45; thus the high cost.

Removing unwanted hair can be expensive and challenging. But do try to look at the positive side of each procedure especially electrolysis hair removal. You may hear a lot of negative things and myths, but it is still up to you. It is best to consult with your dermatologist or talk to a salon manager that offers this procedure so you’ll have enough knowledge on how it is done.

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